K1-MET sponsors at the Austrian World Summit

  • Hofburg Vienna (Austria)
  • 20 June 2024

3rd Newsletter 2024 of the PURESCRAP project

The PURESCRAP project is taking an ambitious, major step toward reducing impurities in postconsumer scrap prior to melting by applying highly efficient sensor stations in conjunction with improved scrap processing.

2nd Newsletter 2024 of the INNOMET project

Recycling secondary raw materials from steel mill residues enhances sustainability by recovering valuable elements like zinc and phosphorus, while also conserving resources, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Welcome to the K1-MET team

Monika Seidl is a PhD Researcher for Project 1.4. She started her work on 10 June 2024.

Welcome to the K1-MET team

Eva Mair works at the K1-MET Office Linz. She started her work on 3 June 2024.