The K1-MET metallurgical competence center hosts a research programme with four main themes, named areas. The focus of Area 1 are raw materials and recycling solutions and Area 2 contains projects on metallurgical core processes. Area 3 is in accordance with one of the main objectives of K1-MET: Decarbonization of the steel industry with the main aspects hydrogen-based steelmaking, energy efficiency and reduction of specific CO2 emission. Finally, in Area 4, knowledge from the other areas are combined and consolidated into simulation tools.

K1-MET is one of the Austrian
COMET-K1 competence centres.

Here you will find a compact overview of the programme, funding structure and much more:

Factsheet COMET

Factsheet K1-MET

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Area 1

Raw Materials and Recycling


Area 2

Metallurgical Processes


Area 3

Low Carbon Energy Systems


Area 4

Simulation and Analyses


Objectives & motivation

K1-MET is a competence center for Exellent Technologies in Advanced Metallurgical and Environmental Process Development and is driven by the Austrian steel industry. The K1-MET metallurgical competence center is aligned with the strategic goals defined by the European Commission in the EU 2020 strategy. K1-MET is essential to the continuation of the prolonged successful track record of the Austrian steel and processing industry, to make it more competitive, sustainable, and lead to economic growth. At the core of this vision three main goals are identified:

  • CO2 efficient production of metals and intermediate components
  • Cross-sectional approach to radically improved production processes
  • Leadership in solutions for more efficient processing and energy systems

Unique Selling Proposition

Competence center for metallurgy


K1-MET is a COMET Centre within the COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies Programme and funded by BMK, BMDW, the provinces, Upper Austria, Styria, and Tyrol as well as the the Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungs­gesellschaft m.b.H. (SFG) and the Standortagentur Tyrol. Furthermore, we thank Upper Austrian Research GmbH for the continuous support. The COMET Programme is managed by FFG.