Project SuS-F

SuSteel follow-up

Overall approach

The SuSteel follow-up project (SuSteel stands for Sustainable Steelmaking), abbreviated with SuS-F, is a research project for the CO2-free production of crude steel. The technology is based on the use of hydrogen plasma (hydrogen plasma smelting reduction, abbreviated with HPSR). On the one hand, the hydrogen (H2) is used to reduce the iron oxides supplied. On the other hand, its energy content is utilized in the plasma state to melt the metallic iron. The use of hydrogen as a reducing agent offers the advantage that only water vapor is generated as product. The usual CO2 emissions can thus be completely avoided.

The process is being further developed using a pilot plant, which is located at the site of the project partner voestalpine Stahl Donawitz. A description of the process is shown in the following Figure.


The overall goals of this 3-year project are:

  • Development of a semi-continuous HPSR process (including continuous supply of fine ores, semi-continuous tapping of low carbon steel)
  • Development of a concept for the integrated supply of green H2
  • Utilization of the process waste gas
  • Utilization of the water vapor from the process off-gas (e.g., idea of condensation and use in an electrolysis for H2 generation)
  • State-of-the-art automation and digitalization of the plant control system
  • Up-scaling of the technology to a technological readiness level TRL7 (Technological Readiness Level TRL7 means "system prototype demonstration in operational environment")
  • Comprehensive dissemination activities

SuS-F is a project from WIVA P&G (Hydrogen Initiative "Vorzeigeregion Austria Power & Gas"), an association for the promotion of research and development in the fields of application, grid, and storage technologies of hydrogen and renewable gases as well as measures for the dissemination of these activities. WIVA P&G is one of three flagship regions in Austria (apart from NEFI and Green Energy Lab). The project covers two of three innovation fields of WIVA P&G, which are "Green Energy" and "Green Industry".


Project runtime:

2022-10-01 to 2025-09-30

Funding scheme:

The project SuS-F is funded with about 70% within the framework of the Vorzeigeregion Energie. This program is coordinated by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and financially supported by the Austrian Klima- und Energiefonds.

Project consortium:

Starting with the project coordination, the consortium is composed as follows: