Project Hy2Market

Hydrogen to enter markets reducing carbon emissions footprint

Overall approach

Hydrogen is a promising energy carrier that will help to transfer our energy system to a sustainable one. However, this means that several barriers along the value chain need to be identified and addressed before hydrogen becomes widely available and ready for use.
Hy2Market brings together regions across Europe working on various innovations to promote the production, transport, and use of green hydrogen. From this perspective, the project aims to realize a more mature hydrogen value chain across Europe. With an interregional approach, knowledge on how to build a robust and innovative hydrogen value chain will be expanded and implemented through targeted investments in green hydrogen production, with a particular focus on management systems, hydrogen transport in existing and new infrastructures, and green hydrogen offtake by industrial partners and in mobility.
Hy2Market is based on European pioneer regions, such as the Northern Netherlands, Upper Austria, and Rhone-Alpes, joining emerging hydrogen regions from the Iberian Peninsula, such as Aragon and Medió Tejo, Sicily (Italy), Western Macedonia (Greece) and Constanta (Romania), with each region addressing at least one focal point. To ensure knowledge transfer between the different parts of the value chain and between all SMEs and regions, a knowledge exchange platform will be initiated. The results of this project will be disseminated throughout the European Union. Additionally, the Hy2Market project also aims to identify and overcome barriers in the areas of production, transport, and use in industry and mobility.


38 partners from 10 European countries, including SMEs from different regions of Europe, are working together to boost the production, transport and use of green hydrogen. Barriers are to be identified and overcome so that hydrogen can play its important role in achieving decarbonization goals. The main objective of Hy2Market is to create a more mature hydrogen value chain across Europe by:

  • Preventing market failures by connecting supply and demand in different regions (inter-regional collaboration of local initiatives).
  • Joint investments in different parts of the hydrogen value chain
  • Intensive and structural knowledge exchange on all parts of the hydrogen ecosystem between EU regions
  • Transition to a sustainable and green energy system based on carbon-neutral energy carriers


Project runtime:

2022-10-01 to 2025-09-30

Funding scheme:

This project is funded by the European Union (European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency, Grant Agreement no. 101083592).

Project consortium:

Starting with the project coordination, the consortium comprises the following partners: