Project C-CED

Carbon-Cycle Economy Demonstration

Overall approach

Carbon - Cycle Economy Demonstration (C-CED) is a flagship project, which focuses on demonstration and coupling of various CO2 capture and CO2 utilization technologies
to establish a sustainable and closed carbon cycle. CO2 from various sources is used to produce valuable renewable methane via methanation processes in pilot scale (see Figure below for the example of geo methanation).


Methane is an important carbon-based feedstock and energy source, which is commercially used in several industrial processes. Gaseous energy has a high energy density, it is worldwide transported stored and distributed via existing infrastructure and thus, it appears as appropriate medium to provide energy. In the future, the complete abandonment of methane is hardly conceivable, although considerable CO2 emissions are associated with the consumption of methane. However, due to the specific conditions of some industrial processes, CO2 emissions are produced and seem to be inevitable. For this reason, it is meaningful to convert CO2 emissions to methane and establish this carbon cycle economy for the future. The carbon cycle should be flexible and capable to store renewable energy in large-volume storage facilities, which are requirements of future energy systems. Thus, the C-CED project combines two fields of research:

1.   Investigations and/or demonstrations of CO2 capture technologies with real off-gas:

  • Amine scrubbing technology to separate CO2 from off-gas of the steel industry
  • CO2 capture via membrane technology
  • CO2 capture with raw biogas
  • Innovative direct air CO2 capture technology (DAC)

2.   In terms of CO2 utilization, the proposal focuses on the methanation process. Investigations and/or demonstrations takes place in the following technologies:

  • Bioelektrochemical methanation
  • Flexibilisation of geo-methanation process known from the FFG Underground Sun Conversion Project (project no. 855231

For the first time and within the Carbon - Cycle Economy Demonstration project, the various CO2 capture and methanation technologies are demonstrated in coupled operation and form a closed and sustainable carbon cycle. Additionally, the energy storage function, which is essential for the future energy system, is considered in this cycle. The technical-scientific investigations/demonstrations are supported by an overall techno-economic evaluation. Carbon - cycle economy demonstration is part of the energy model region WIVA P&G. In addition, this project corresponds to the field of action on energy storage in the long-term strategy 2050 - Austria (EU regulation 2018/1999).


Project runtime:

2021-07-01 to 2025-06-30 (48 months)

Funding scheme:

Energy Model Region (“Vorzeigeregion Energie“) of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The Hydrogen Initiative Flagship Region Austria Power & Gas (WIVA P&G) is funded by the Austrian climate and energy fund and runs within the scope of the program „Vorzeigeregion Energie“. The project C-CED is funded by the FFG (contract no. 880764).

Project consortium: