Conference participations of K1-MET in the second half of 2022

Participation in international conferences

In the second half of 2022, employees will present K1-MET, its financial supporters and currently running projects of the COMET program at the following events:

  • 2022/08/29-2022/09/02 (Bremen): 8th European Coke and Ironmaking Congress (ECIC) & 9th International Conference on Science and Technology of Ironmaking (ICSTI)

    Contribution of Dr. Roland Mežibrický “Phase assemblages for high sinter productivity”

    Contribution of Thomas Nanz „ Simulation aided extraction of conversion rates of auxiliary reducing agents (ARAs)”

    Contribution of “Sustainable Steel - carbon free steelmaking by Hydrogen Plasma Smelting Reduction” with Prof. Johannes Schenk, Dr. Michael Zarl and Dr. Axel Sormann (all K1-MET GmbH) as co-authors
  • 2022/09/06-2022/09/08 (virtual): 6th International Conference on Thermo Mechanical Processing (TMP)
    Contribution of Marina Gontijo „Investigations on the hot ductility behavior of a continuously cast low alloyed steel”
  • 2022/09/15-2022/09/16 (Paris): Global Summit on Advances in Earth Science and Climate Change
    Contribution of Dr. Johannes Rieger „Circular economy as one solution for a future sustainable European iron and steel industry”
  • 2022/09/27-2022/09/29 (Darmstadt): MSE Materials Science and Engineering Congress
    Contribution of Daniel Ogris „Cyclic phase transformations in CaO-SiO2 slags”
  • 2022/10/09-2022/10/13 (Pittsburgh): Material Science and Technology (MS&T22) Exhibition
    Contribution of Paul Estermann „Further analysis of the relationship between precipitate formation and a loss of hot ductility in two microalloyed steels”
  • 2022/10/17-2022/10/21 (Aachen): 9th European Oxygen Steelmaking Conference (EOSC) & 6th Clean Technologies in the Steel Industry (CTSI)
    Contribution of Bernhard Mitas „Physical models on droplet generation in the LD converter”
  • 2022/11/09-2022/11/11 (Leoben): 16. Recy & Depo Tech
    Contribution of Monika Draxler „Development of an approximation model for the evaluation of slag treatment strategies”