K1-MET at the AFOB-EFB Virtual Conference

  • “Biotechnology for a circular bioeconomy” AFOB-EFB Virtual Conference
  • 28 – 29 March 2023

Sabine Spiess (Post-Doc in Area 3) gave a short talk in Session 1 “Carbon capture for energy, products and proteins”. Here is a short summary of her presentation entitled “Bioelectrochemical methane production from CO2”:

“The combination of electrochemistry and biology in a microbial electrolysis cell represents an innovative approach to the synthesis of methane. Microorganisms work as biocatalysts in it, converting the greenhouse gas CO2 into valuable methane for subsequent reuse in industrial processes.”

The AFOB-EFB Virtual Conference is organized by the European Federation of Biotechnology and Asian Federation of Biotechnology.

Here you can find more information about the event as well as the programme:
About – Event Page | Biotechnology for a circular bioeconomy (accelevents.com)

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