13th Scientific Exchange Day 2024

  • voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz
  • 4 April 2024

Scientific Exchange Day in Linz on 3 April 2024, Photo credit: © voestalpine Stahl GmbH

The 13th Scientific Exchange Day (SED) of K1-MET GmbH took place on Thursday, 4 April 2024, at voestalpine Stahlwelt.

The keynote speech by Prof. Michael Harasek (TU Wien) on the topic of “Green hydrogen for industry – Transport, storage, and upgrading” took place on the evening before on 3 April. The keynote was followed by a get-together. The motivation for such a Scientific Exchange Day is to create a unique platform that enables the exchange of knowledge, ideas and innovations between K1-MET and the network of participating industrial companies, universities and research institutions.

On 4 April, around 150 participants came together in Linz to take part in this event to network, which was held at voestalpine Stahlwelt. This event has developed into a central event at which current research activities and results are presented.

The focus was on the three research areas, each of which was represented by an outstanding success story. In addition, the COMET Module FuLIBatteR was a key component of the Scientific Exchange Day.

The success stories were moderated by the CSO of K1-MET GmbH Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Susanne Michelic. Breakthrough research topics were presented by the K1-MET employees and partners from industry and science of the K1-MET competence network:

  • DI Dr.mont. Alexander Halwax (K1-MET GmbH): Measurement of diffusion and activity coefficients in slags (Contribution of Area 1)
  • DI Bernhard Adami (K1-MET GmbH): Hydrogen plasma smelting revolution: Implementation of pre-reduction, pre-heating, and dust treatment for a cleaner, greener future (Contribution of Area 2)
  • DI Maria Thumfart (K1-MET GmbH): Making Ruhrstahl-Heraeus degassing fit for green steel production: a multi-method approach to process monitoring (Contribution of Area 3)
  • Dr Sabine Spieß, MSc (K1-MET GmbH): Biohydrometallurgical technologies to recover metals from spent lithium-ion batteries (Contribution of the COMET-Modul FuLIBatteR)

Contributions such as those mentioned above show the depth and breadth of the topics covered. This was followed by a panel discussion on the topic of “Low-carbon steelmaking from low-quality raw materials to high-quality products”. MMag. Elisabeth Eidenberger led through the panel discussion.

The Scientific Exchange Day of the K1-MET programme is therefore not only an information platform but is also developing into a motor for innovation and synergies. The lively atmosphere and the high quality presentations make the SED an indispensable part of the research community and significantly contribute to promote excellence in metallurgical research.

Here you can find the programme to the 13th Scientific Exchange Day:
Scientific Exchange Day Programme 2024