The aim of this project is to develop an equation oriented process modelling tool for balancing of Iron Reduction (IR) processes like COREX®, FINEX®, blast furnace, sinter and pelletizing as well as their interaction in integrated steelworks. By means of a PhD work unit operation models will be developed and implemented in the flexible software environment of gPROMS®. Next, these models will be step-wisely improved by accounting for kinetic and thermodynamics sub-models before, finally, individual unit models will be merged in order to picture complex metallurgical process chains. Model development will be substantiated by real plant process data.

Results and application

The process modelling tool developed in this project will transform existing in-house models for Iron-Reduction (IR) processes to a flexible simulation tool in a visual flow-sheeting environment. A thorough scientific approach will lead to profound physical sub-models for process parameters, which were previously handled by purely empirical data. Finally, this new flow-sheeting of IR-processes will increase the reliability of engineering, minimizing design errors and facilitating quality assurance in process balancing.