The main directions of the research activity will be the efficient use of the energy content of fuel gases and reaction agents including chemical conversions as well as low temperature energy harvesting systems. Therefore, besides the handling of sensible and latent heat sources also the upgrading of the chemical energy content of gas streams will be considered.


Objectives and Motivation

  • Catalytic Gas treatment and Gas Utilization in Iron and Steel Works
  • Utilization and integration of low temperature waste heat
  • Oxyfuel application with low grade oxygen in metallurgy
  • Combustion Reaction Modelling of Burners for Industrial Kilns


Within the work package “catalytic gas treatment” the purpose of the planned investigations is a minimization of the carbon monoxide content by converting the CO with water vapour into carbon dioxide. The feed can be a process gas from the metallurgy industry e.g. blast furnace top gas, COREX/FINEX Export gas or DR Top gas. The test furnace is connected with an off-gas analytic system. For a given catalytic packing the conversion of the CO shift reaction can be investigated. Additionally to the experiments theoretical investigations and CFD calculations are planned. 

After screening of processes for heat and energy sources, the design for heat recovery solutions will be developed. Therefore opportunities for low temperature waste heat utilization in and outside the steel plant have to be elaborated. Steady and dynamic process simulation will be used.  

Furthermore the production and use of low grade oxygen in integrated iron and steel production will be investigated by identifying the demand for low grade oxygen and its specification.   

The combustion model will be applied to several industrial combustion processes for its applicability, for further model evaluation and for improving these combustion processes.

Results and application

Laboratory tests with selected catalysts for metallurgical flue and process gases will identify operation limits for sulphur content, coking potential and estimates for product gas composition and conversion rates. The implementation of an industrial catalytic gas treatment reactor system and the integration of it will be aimed at. Calculation tools for process simulation will help.

Additionally an overview of waste heat recovery solutions, thermal energy storage systems and waste heat utilization resp. waste heat integration systems will be established. Moreover industrial scale design of suitable heat recovery solutions for slag granulation and continuous casting process will be developed. Thermoelectric generator application for small heat sources will be evaluated as well as the economic aspect of these heat recovery systems.

Integrated process model for a low grade oxygen network in integrated iron and steelmaking will be investigated. With these results the design of a low grade oxyfuel burner for a pilot installation and the testing of the pilot burner will be developed.

The simulation results of the combustion reaction model are the basis for design and operation of industrial furnaces at optimal conditions. By plant measurements the combustion model will be evaluated.