Area 3 will fulfil a double function. On the one hand it represents the next steps in the steel production route and comprises three projects on the casting of steel. On the other hand the area also focuses on one of the most important issues of the steel industry in future – the effective treatment and handling of fuels and reduction gases and the research on high temperature heat recovery.


Contact person

Irmela Kofler
Management Area 2 & 3

 +43 732 6989 75627

Objectives & Motivation

  • Improvement of the performance of casting process
  • Experimental and numerical simulation of the formation of surface defects
  • Refractory wear in the continuous casting process
  • Efficiency of energy utilization



Our targets

The figure displays an overview of the planned activities within area 3. The upcoming project 3.1 will focus on the interaction between refractories, non metallic inclusions and steel.

Project 3.2 aims at a better understanding of the formation of surface defects in continuous casting, the behaviour of steel in hot rolling and the behaviour of steels in linked casting-rolling process.

The influence of scale (or to be precise the steel/scale interface) on the surface quality and on the steel processing will be investigated within the planned project 3.3.

The project 3.4 will reconsider energetic integration of industrial furnaces and production processes with focus on the iron and steel sector.

Results and application

In general, all projects within area 3 claim either an improvement of the efficiency of a process or the efficiency of energy utilization, the application of a novel technology for manufacturing of new products or the improvement of product quality.