Project 1.2 focuses on raw materials to be utilized as auxiliary reducing agents. The use of pulverized coal delivered to the blast furnace via direct raceway injection (PCI = Pulverized Coal Injection) aims for a minimization of metallurgical coke consumption during the blast furnace process. This enables a more cost effective blast furnace operation improving the competitive situation of this production route. The company partners in P 1.2 already operate PCI systems for iron production in the blast furnace.

PCI technology is also used for direct smelting processes such as FINEX® and COREX®. However, the influence of different coal types on the iron production process itself as well as the reachable burnout and conversion rate of the used coal are not investigated completely yet. These parameters depend on properties of the used coal types such as composition, chemical structure, ash content and particle size distribution. In the course of the current project 1.2 suitable coal types for a pulverized injection have to be evaluated and identified. Coke substitution limits as well as most suitable PCI operating conditions need to be worked out.

Objectives and Motivation

  • A literature survey of suitable coal analysis methods
  • The investigation of possible PCI coals (determination of specific coal properties)
  • The implementation of a new industrial applicable concept for PCI coal evaluation