Hannover Messe 2018 Flashback

Hannover Messe Industrie K1-MET

Joint stand of Upper Austria Research (UAR)

Dr. Bernhard König (K1-MET, right-hand-side)

Dr. Johannes Rieger (K1-MET, left-hand-side) with Dr. Michael Strugl, Vice Governor of Upper Austria (right-hand-side)

  • 23th to 27th of April 2018

Five days characterized by Industry 4.0 and research technologies in the fields of logistics, energy and industrial supply

For the third time after 2016 and 2017, K1-MET had the possibilty to participate at the at the Hannover Messe Industrie (HMI) at the joint stand of Upper Austrian Research (UAR) to present as one of 5,000 exhibitors the metallurgical research competences in the areas resources, recycling, optimization of high temperature processes as well as in the fields of computational fluid dynamics and process simulation. In total, 210,000 attentands joined the Hannover Messe this year.

Dr. Johannes Rieger and Dr. Bernhard König demonstrated the research activities of K1-MET in the area resources and recycling by means of different raw materials for metallurgical processes such as iron ore and coal, Additionally, crude steel mill dust (residual from the process gas cleaning) and products being separated (containing the valuable materials zinc and iron) were shown, which can be used by exterrnal companies or recycled within the steel plant (focus of a research project). 

High temperature metallurgical processes such as the Blast Furnace process were illustrated by means of simulations and process models. These tools are developed and optimized in the course of current research projects to generate high quality results for a reduction of development cylce times within the corresponding large scale industrial plant.

Beside this, K1-MET presented a model car body (at 1:8 scale) to show the amount of different steel grades being processed within this product. State-of-the-art high-tech steel products are based on intensive application oriented fundamental research in a close network between science and industry whereas it is essentially that the underlying production processes run efficiently to minimize production failures.

Apart from K1-MET, following institutions were present at the Upper Austrian Research stand: