Conference participations of K1-MET in the second half of 2021

Participation in international conferences

K1-MET's management board and researchers will present K1-MET, its financial supporters and currently running projects of the COMET program in the second half of 2021.

Following contributions are already fixed:

  • 2021/07/26-2021/07/28 (virtual conference): 12th World Congress and Expo on Recycling, London (UK)
    Contribution of Wolfgang Reiter „Recycling of steel mill dusts with the RecoDust process - scale-up of a pilot plant”
  • 2021/09/12-2021/09/16 (virtual conference): European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes (EUROMAT)
    Contribution of Daniel Ogris „Thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of the dissolution process of lime particles in BOF slags”

    Contribution of Marina Gontijo, M. Sc. „Analysis of transverse corner cracks from continuous casting process and comparison to laboratory experiments”

    Contribution of Michael Zarl „Steelmakers at the crossroad to Green Steel: „Hydrogen meets future steelmaking"

    Contribution of Thomas Wolfinger „Influence of a prior oxidation on the reduction behavior of magnetite iron ore ultra-fines using hydrogen”

    Contribution of Dr. Hadi Barati „Numerical modeling of SEN clogging considering chemical reaction on refractory surface during continuous casting of Ti-ULC”
  • 2021/09/28-2021/09/29 (Saarbrücken, Germany): Iron Melting Conference and Exhibition
    Contribution of Dr. Axel Sormann „decarbonisation of the steel industry“
  • 2021/10/04-2021/10/06 (Hamburg, Germany- hybrid-conference- physical/virtual): VII International Conference on Particle-based Methods (Particles)
    Contribution of Matthias Kiss „Particle resolved thermo-chemical conversion of pulverized coal clusters”
  • 2021/10/04-2021/10/07 (virtual conference): 9th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes in Steelmaking (STEELSIM)

    Contribution of Dr. Hadi Barati „Simulation of SEN clogging during continous casting of Ti-ULC steel using a combined model”

    Contribution of Matthias Kiss „Species diffusion modeling in porous particles for metallurgical applications”

    Contribution of Dr. Markus Bösenhofer „On the role of heat transfer in the thermo-chemical conversion of pulverized coal”
  • 2021/10/20-2021/10/22 (Bari, Italy): 10th European Conference on Continuous Casting (ECCC)
    Contribution of Paul Estermann „Simulation and validation of the precipitation mechanism responsible for the right flank of the ductility minimum”

    Contribution of Marina Gontijo „The influence of strain rate on hot ductility of a continuously cast Ti-Nb microalloyed steel”

    Contribution of Dr. Irmtraud Marschall „Significance of an inclined plane test for mould slag assessment”