The vision for the period 2015-2023 is to develop K1-MET as the leading and internationally renowned metallurgical competence centre. To reach this vision, recognition and implementation of trendsetting innovations will be one of the major challenges. The basis for a fruitful development of K1-MET is the established and deepening cooperation between our approximately 20 scientific facilities and industrial companies since 2001. The results in industrial and academic research underline our success. The next step in the lifecycle of K1-MET is the founding of a company with limited liability under Austrian law (GmbH, equivalent to Ltd.) as an answer to the demanding challenges in the metallurgical sector in terms of technology and organization. In particular, the European Commission targets to reduce CO2 emissions for the period 2020-2050 play a key role in our research and development.

Specifically the following actions are planned:

  • Definition of a joint innovation programme (science and industry) for the further development of process leadership with the main focus on optimized usage of energy and resources
  • Build-up and further development of co-operations with other sectors and branches (integration of new partners)
  • Internationalisation (researcher's mobility, participation in European projects, integration in international networks such as SPIRE)
  • Acquisition, build-up, and development of promising researchers

The projects defined in the areas are geared toward the following key objectives:

  • CO2 efficient production of metals and intermediate components
  • Cross-sectorial approach to radically improved production processes
  • Leadership in solutions for more efficient processing and energy systems

The research program has been defined for a four-year period, from July 2015 to June 2019. Project definitions have been created for the research areas and new projects are continuously under development. To reach the long-term objectives of K1-MET and its partners, it is essential that new project development and integration of partners remains an active focus.

Our Research Program

  • Area 1: Resources and recycling
  • Area 2: High temperature metallurgy
  • Area 3: Processing and Energy Performance
  • Area 4: Modelling and Simulation